Appeal for all people of good will and good heart

To whom it may concern,

it is not easy to write this letter to you, because we don’t know each other personally yet, but the kindness of all people of good will and good heart gives us hope that we can count on your empathy and understanding for our situation. We believe that our appeal will be correctly understood. Please read our appeal and support Marysia in her battle with disability!

More than nine years ago we started the fight for our daughter’s life. And we keep fighting.   Marysia suffers from a rare neurodegenerative disease called Leigh syndrome. Her condition is caused by dysfunction in the mitochondria which are „power stations” of every cell of the human body, consequently it causes reduced muscle tone and thus disability.

Despite the difficulties Marysia has due to her condition: breathing with the external respirator and  moving in a wheelchair, our Marysia doesn’t give up! She wants to grow up and have fun, explore the world and learn – just like the other kids!

Unfortunately, the necessity to walk a dozen stairs disables her to go out. Therefore we need to overcome this architectural barriers in order to give Marysia a chance of efficient mental and physical development. We can’t afford this without your help. That is why we have decided to write this appeal for financial support to all people of good will and good heart, in order to collect the necessary funds for the purchase and assembly of the elevator for disabled Marysia.

Marysia’s current condition enables her to live a full life, but an architectural barrier in the shape of stairs disables her independent functioning at home as well as going out. This is where our need arises: purchase and installation of a lift/elevator in a shaft, which will make it possible for ten-year-old Marysia to go out more often (6 m high installation costs about 40 thousand USD). For more than two years we have been collecting the funds to meet the target. But still we have not managed to raise enough money.

As part of our thanks, in the Church of Saint Bartholomew in Mogilany, monthly Mass will be celebrated for the blessing of God and the protection of the Mother of God for Marysia’s donors.

Counting on your good heart and understanding, we ask for even a small donation to Marysia. Thank you in advance for each donation made to the Marysia’s sub-account of Foundation „Zdążyć z Pomocą”!

All expenses that are financed from donations transferred to the Marysia’s sub-account are settled and supervised by the Foundation „Zdążyć z Pomocą”, according to the stabilized agreement. Such a solution gives you a guarantee that donated funds are reliably accounted and constitute a real help for Marysia.

We would like to thank you for all your help, donations and 1% of tax!

Marysia’s parents – Magdalena and Marcin Jedynak